Friday, October 16, 2009


I feel i have lost the little interest i had in writing.
uhmm...let me tell you whats been happening in last two months.i am into an MBA program.and i am still trying to get used to it.
travel more than 4 hours a day. attend 6 to 9 hours lecture.
i eat when i get time and i sleep whenever i am home.
i meet my girl friends whenever possible and all i do is keep complaining of the little time i have to sleep.
Putting aside the less interesting things..let me share you the beautiful parts which are very interesting-
1.Making it at time for 8 AM lecture.Is it a challenge? Ohh ya!! Geting up at 5 Am when u sleep at 12 or 1 is itself one!
2.Deciding when n where is your next meal.Its mostly dabba or gaylords or Satkar.
3.A motorbike travel from thane to churchgate to make it to the lecture.Thanks Vikram,it was memorable one.
4.How can i forget the Fussball game that is THE only recreation i have sometimes.
5.Sorry for putting things in point,but some very interesting presentations i have seen in life were made by profs on PPTs.if i write in paragraphs now maybe it wont interest you.
6.Btw speaking of PPTs,we must have seen 50*2 atleast a hundred of them.ATleast.But thats not interesting,believe me.This is just a fact.
7.The good times i have with my Train Gang..they are the most interesting people to travel with.If you are walking from churchgate to VT,such interesting conversations shape up.More on it on my next blog(ooo ya suddenly i have a lot to blog!
8.Marine Drive.It is at amazing proximity.You know i observed something some days back.People who are on mumbai darshan have a new favorite.The Trident.Saw a family stop a cab to click pics in front of TRIDENT.they posed and then they got into cab and left.i was pretty amazed at that.
9.Yesterday i was coming home.saw lights everywhere..its a good feeling.I believe its difficult to remain low or feel left out during is by far the best festival!
10.When i come hom at 11pm i am dead tired even to have my dinner.i think the best part of my journey back is the Cadbury's smell that enjoy on Thane flyover.This is one good memory that hasnt changed over years.It makes me smile like a kid again :)


Dhandal said...
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Dhandal said...

Welcome Back after a 2 month long vacation from the blog world ;)
i know a LOTS been happening off screen :P
Keep writing! You can never lose interest in writing. That's like your first love!

PC said...

hey abhs!!so glad to have u back...
i wud like to know wats happenin off screen tho ;) :P
find time to write..its lovely to read :)

abha said...

thanks A and PC :)
LOTS has been happening off-screen yea..

sid! said...

I am still awaiting the post where u will share your train conversations :)

sid! said...

Btw..who is ur second love n what is happening off screen..some1 pls update me?

abha said...

for that you need to be in touch more often.... :P

Tango said...

The Cadbury part... You made me travel back into time(hehe..) when my school van used to pass through the Cadbury region :)
Yaar ! What a mesmerizing smell it is...